04 Jan

If you are looking for a new job opportunity, becoming an ISO 9001 lead auditor will certainly help you. However, there are few issues to consider before you apply for an ISO 9001 lead auditor certification.

ISO certification in NigeriaISO certification in Nigeria

What does the lead auditor certification looks like? 

The ISO certification in Nigeria takes five days. Courses are typically run in English, but also may be found in local languages, so you must check in which languages courses are run. if a course is offered in a language other than your mother tongue, you should be able to speak and write in an competent manner.

Courses comprise theatrical issues, discussions between delegates and between tutor as well as groups, personal workshops, continual assessment from tutor on each delegate and written exam. When you successfully pass the written exam and you will be awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, which besides other information, displays your name and has a logo.

Gaining the lead auditor certification

Even with the ISO certificate it is hard to find as a job certification lead auditor, whether permanent, temporary, or as a freelancer, because first you need to have a practical experience in auditing methodologies as well as techniques. This may be obtained through ISO certification bodies. Generally it takes about twenty man days as an observer on audits in order to gain the status of auditor. However, in this stage you are not allowed to organize as well as manage audits; you only may be an audit team member.

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